Rules & Regulations

The Organizer is SC EMAGIC LIVE SRL.

The Event: AWAKE Festival, 17-19 August 2018, Teleki Estate, Gornești, Mureș county, Romania


I. The Regulation


  1. This Regulations is an agreement between the Organizer and the Participant
  2. The Organizer reserves the right to modify the rules without prior notice to the Participant. Any changes will be posted on the AWAKE Festival website –, at Rules and Regulations.
  3. By buying a ticket, the Participant is obliged to respect this Regulation.

II. Tickets, types of tickets and ticket purchases


  1. Tickets

1.1 There are five types of tickets for the festival:

General admission – access to the festival area from the first day, 17th August, 3 pm, until the end of the festival, 20th August, 8 am.

General admission with camping – access to the festival area from the first day, 17th August, 3 pm, until the end of the festival, 20th August, 8 am and access into the Camping area from 16th August, 6 pm, until the end of the festival, 20th August, 8 am.

Day 1 – access to the festival area from 17th August, 3 pm, until 18th August, 8 am

Day 2 – access to the festival area from 18th August, 10 am, until 19th August, 8 am

Day 3 – access to the festival area from 19th August, 10 am, until 20th August, 8 am

1.2 There is 1 type of upgrade:

Camping – acces into the Camping area, from 16th August, 6 pm, until the end of the festival, 20th August, 8 am. Is valid only with a General admission ticket.

1.3 We only guarantee the validity of the tickets purchased through our festival partners listen in Section II. 1.1.

1.4 The reselling of the tickets as well as of the invitations it is strictly prohibited. The organizers reserve the right to prohibit access to the festival area to those who perform such activities and confiscate the tickets and/or invitations in their possession.

1.5 It is strictly forbidden to publish on social networks or other sites the ticket unique code.

1.7 Upon ticket validation (regardless of type) the Participant will receive an intact wristband which ensures entry into the festival. After scanning the ticket, the Participant must keep the bracelet on during the entire festival. The loss, damage or destruction of the wristband is the sole responsibility of the Participant and in any of the cases the wristband will no longer offer any right and the Participant will be obligated to purchase a new ticket. The Organizer is entitled to accompany outside the festival perimeter people not wearing the wristband.


  1. Buying tickets

2.1 Tickets are available online: on,, and in all partner shops of mentioned ticketing agents. Partner shops are available on ticketing agents’ websites. Tickets can also be purchased in hard copy from the festival Partner Locations in Tirgu Mures until 16th August: The BackStage, Office – Clubul Presei, J’ai Bistrot.

2.2 Starting with 17th August, until 20th August, tickets can be purchased at festival entrance.


  1. Tickets return

3.1 The ticket is not refundable unless the event is canceled or rescheduled. Moving the event in another place in the same geographical area is not grounds for reimbursement of tickets. When the event is rescheduled, the ticket remains valid for the rescheduled date or refunded upon request. Refund applications must be made in the time period required by law, after the date of cancellation of the event at the point of sale that were originally purchased tickets. Reimbursement of tickets can be made only when the tickets are intact, including the amount refunded only the value of the ticket,

not the commission editing, printing and distribution or additional costs (accommodation, transport, courier etc.).

3.2 The ticket is not refundable in case of cancelation from any of the scheduled artists in the lineup.


  1. Changing prices

4.1 The Organizer reserves the right to change ticket prices without prior notice.


III. Event participation

  1. Entry

1.1 Entry to the festival will be allowed only through the general access area, based on a valid ticket that will be replaced with an access wristband. All the Participants should have identification.

1.2 Access for children under 12 years is free and is allowed only if they are accompanied by a parent or guardian. The accompanying adult must present a valid ticket.

1.3 Access for participants between 12 and 17 years old is allowed only if they have a valid ticket and are accompanied by an adult.

1.4 In the festival area it is not allowed with the following things: drugs, pyrotechnic devices, glass, sharp objects, knives, pepper spray, chains, cosmetics, umbrellas, explosive, toxic or flammable objects, objects that could hurt others.

1.5 Access with pets is prohibited.

1.6. Participants are not allowed to bring in any food or liquids in the festival area.

1.7 Items that can be brought into the festival: backpacks, cell phones/chargers, cigarettes/lighters, digital cameras (compact, non-pro), hats, sunglasses, raincoats, eye drops for contact lenses, prescription drugs, insulin (with diabetics booklet), flags and selfie sticks, sun screen, insect repellent.

1.8 In the camping area participants are permitted to bring food, water and other beverages. Alcoholic drinks are allowed with a limit of 2l of beer per person and 0.75 l of spirits per person.

1.9 Participants take full responsibility for attending the festival, including the following:

  1. a) People with physical or mental illness for whom crowded area, loud noises, special sound, visual and audio effects represent a risk, assume all liability for any prejudice that they may suffer during the event. The show can contain powerful light effects that could harm children or epileptic persons.

Regarding the risks of injury or property damage, the show does not assume any liability.

  1. b) In terms of play, entertainment and sports areas and other alike that can pose a risk of injury, participants will make sure that they have the physical and mental condition to participate.

1.10 It is strictly forbidden to enter the festival by car without a car pass issued by the Organizer.

People with disabilities who want to attend the event must send an email at with the following documents:

– Copy of the disability certificate

– Copies of ID for the person requesting access and the attendant

– Certified copies of documents attesting that the attendant is authorized to act as such

– Statement on own responsibility regarding the right to accompany the disabled person, signed by caregiver

People whose application will be considered valid will automatically receive 2 free passes to the festival, if available. If the documents are not presented or the person refuses a proper verification, they will not be allowed at the event.


  1. Code of conduct – festival area

2.1 All participants must comply with the social rules, laws and those listed in this Regulation. Participants are not allowed to conduct any activities that could endanger or affect in any way the safety or the rights of any other participant.

2.2 The Organizer assumes no responsibility for any damage (mental/physical) caused by a noncompliance with the Regulation and may request compensations from the participants that violate it.

2.3 Once in the festival area, participants are required to respect and to not destroy the environment and the Teleki Estate, including afferent buildings and green spaces.

2.4 During the festival, the Organizer, the Organizer’s partners or accredited media have the right to record and photograph at the event. Participants must acknowledge that it is possible to appear in such materials without being able to claim any rights on those materials. The Organizer has the right to use these materials and publish them on various channels (e.g. YouTube) and use them in advertising campaigns without compensating in any way the Participant. Please read here the information note regarding the use of personal data during the festival.

2.5 Participants acknowledge that on festival grounds it is strictly prohibited any commercial or advertising activity without the written consent of the Organizer.

2.6 Participants are not allowed to reproduce visuals of the event (poster / flyer / etc.) to use the image or name of the artists involved (or any other names, logos or brands associated with the event), or tickets / invitations for the event, for promotional or commercial purposes without the permission of the Organizer.

2.7 Minors are prohibited alcohol consumption. Drug use is illegal and strictly forbidden and will be punished according to laws.

2.8 Swimming in the Mureș river or the lake that is situated on the festival grounds is prohibited and extremely dangerous.


  1. Security

3.1 On festival grounds the Organizer provides security through a qualified and competent partner designated to do so. During the event, participants are required to comply with the security agents, to collaborate with them and to respect their instructions in case of an emergency.

3.2 In the event of acts of violence or endangerment of others, security agents may decide to evacuate the people involved in outside the premises where the event takes place.


  1. First Aid

4.1 If necessary, on festival grounds first aid is provided in the specified areas.


  1. Lost objects

5.1 Lost property should be brought in an area marked on the map location. Owners can recover their object following the organizer’s instructions. After the festival, the organizer will keep the recovered items for a period of 15 days from the submission to the Lost & Found area.


  1. Products and Services

6.1. During the event, products and services are available in specially designed areas (bar, food court). Participants undertake to use as payment for their purchase only payment methods and tools accepted by the Organizer and their partners. As a general rule, payment inside the event will be made using Festipay system.

6.2  The AWAKE FESTIVAL CARD voucher card (Festipay card) is issued by EMAGIC LIVE SRL. By takeover of the card the card holder agrees to the provisions and accepts to be bound thereby. The Festipay card is an electronic voucher issued by Emagic Live, which shall be used – exclusively, or non-exclusively – as a means of payment at this event. The card is an RFID card based on no-touch technology. The card may not be considered a bank card or a cash equivalent payment means.

The card may be used for payment only in 2018 at the Awake Festival, with an  expiration date of 2018.08.20, 10 AM. The balance remaining on the card can be withdrawn until the final time of withdrawal defined below. The terms of withdrawal are also set below. The card contains no information about the cardholders. The card is valid from takeover, it can be used following its recharge. The card can be taken over against a deposit of 0 RON, which is given back in case of undamaged return of the card. If the cardholder does not return the card, then he/she may use it at subsequent events organized by Emagic Live in 2018, following its recharge, however, the balance of the card, as recharged at Awake Festival, CANNOT be used at a subsequent event. The bank card convenience fee is: 0 RON. The payment of the deposit is verified by the bill received at the first recharge.

The visitor can request a card personally upon arrival to the festival, at the AWAKE FESTIVAL CARD top up point. The cancellation or replacement of lost or damaged AWAKE FESTIVAL CARDs can only be requested by a registered user.

The order of SMS registration:

For registration the following text shall be sent in sms to the 36 30 344 4410 number: REG <12 character card number> <4 character PIN received at activation> <The new 4 character PIN>, (e.g. REG 123456789012 1234 4321)

A confirmation notice is not received if:

– the format of the sms is faulty, or

– the visitor tries to register a card number which does not exist.

The visitor can register their AWAKE FESTIVAL CARD in the Festipay application downloaded and used on Android and iOS system. The visitor can download the Festipay application from the Play Store and App Store.

The card can be used without registration, but the registration increases the safety of the card use, as only after registration can the visitor cancel a lost card. We would like to warn all card holders that without registration the electronic voucher embodied by the lost card, cannot be used by the original owner of the card thereafter (and anyone, who finds the card can use up the balance, as the card cannot be cancelled). With regard to this, registration is highly advised. As the name of the holder is not indicated on the card, the visitor is advised not to give it to others, and to keep it at a safe place. Emagic Live takes no responsibility for damages caused by non-compliance with the abovementioned, loss or damage of the card, use by unauthorized persons, and the absence of registration. Liability for the abovementioned is expressly excluded.

Each card has one balance. The balance can be recharged with any amount, in case of a new card however, i.e. a card not yet used, the minimum amount of first top up is 50 RON, in case of a card already in use, the minimum amount of recharge is 10 RON. The maximum balance of the card and the maximum amount of a single recharge is 1000 RON. The card can be used for payments of any amount if the balance of the card allows. The balance of the card can be recharged at any time.

Recharging the balance by bank card:

The balance of the card can be recharged by any amount by bank card as well. The maximum amount of the recharge is 1000 RON. The convenience fee of the recharge is 0 RON per recharge.

The balance can only be recharged in RON. Complaints can only be made at the top up point following the recharge, i.e. the transaction, if the difference can clearly be determined. After leaving the top up point, no complaints are accepted.

The replacement of a lost card can be requested at the Helpdesk point personally, following the cancellation of the card. The balance of the cancelled card shall be transferred to the new card within 30 minutes at the Helpdesk point.

Payment is made at the vendors with the use of payment terminals. The terminal has two parts:

(i) a reader with a display, which is placed on the counter, and is well visible to the card holder; and

(ii) a POS terminal, which is placed on the counter for the shop assistant, and is not necessarily visible to the visitor.

The process of payment:

(i) the shop assistant enters the final amount of the purchase into the cash register, and into the POS terminal;

(ii) after the purchase amount is given it is shown on the display of the reader, and if the visitor accepts the indicated amount, he/she puts the card to the reader, with which the transaction takes place;

(iii) the balance of the voucher is decreased with the amount;

(vi) the display of the reader shows the new balance.

If the transaction was carried out with an incorrect amount by mistake, or if it has to be cancelled for any reason, it can be done at the payment terminal. Cancellation of a transaction is only possible at the terminal, at which the transaction was carried out, and only if this was the last transaction carried out both concerning the terminal and the card. Otherwise cancellation of the transaction is not possible. The bill of the purchase is given by the vendor.

If the product purchased is taken back by the visitor, then the terms regarding the return of the product shall be determined by the vendor and the buyer in accordance with the relevant laws in effect.

The balance of the voucher card can be checked at the vendors accepting the card, in the Festipay application and at the top up points. The visitor shall accept the database and the statement of Emagic Live concerning the balance of the cards as final and applicable.

If the card of the visitor is lost, or damaged in any way, it is possible to request a new card. The fee of the card replacement is 0 RON, from which 0 RON, the deposit for the card is given back, if the visitor returns back the card undamaged. If the visitor has not registered, the old card of the visitor cannot be cancelled. The balance on the old card – decreased by the amount of the deposit and the transfer fee – can only be transferred to the new card, if the old card has been registered, and has been previously cancelled. The transfer of the balance is carried out at the Helpdesk point(s). At the time of the transfer of the balance the person requesting the transfer shall identify him/herself with an identity document (ID card, passport), and accept that his/her personal data (name, address, ID card no. or passport no., phone number) be recorded. The data recorded in this way shall not be processed, it shall only be used according to, and in compliance with the provisions of Act CXII of 2011 on information self-determination and freedom of information, and other relevant laws. If the provision of the data is denied the Helpdesk assistant is not obligated to carry out the transaction. In case of transfer the visitor is informed of the transfer procedure, and accepts it to be carried out according to the above terms. In case of a damaged card, it is required that the old card is presented and cancelled in order for the acquirement of the new card.

A new card can be requested at the top up points, from the assistants.

The balance of a lost, damaged, or stolen card can only be cancelled if it has been previously registered.


Cancellation of the card:

An sms is to be sent to the number +3630 344 4410 with the following text: TILT <12 character card number> <New 4 character PIN> (e.g. TILT 123456789012 4321)

A confirmation notice is not received if:

– the format of the sms is faulty, or

– the visitor tries to cancel a card number which does not exist.


The visitor can cancel their Festipay cards in the Festipay application.

If the visitor requests so, the balance of the cancelled card shall be transferred to the new card 30 minutes after the cancellation.


The amount not used can be withdrawn at the top up points. rounded to the nearest 1 RON. The visitor is also given a receipt of the withdrawal.

The cardholder can withdraw the unused balance at any time during the festival. The withdrawal can be requested by the cardholder at the top up points. In case a bigger amount is withdrawn, the assistant is entitled to check the identity of the card holder, and to ask the approval of the Financial Center to the withdrawal. The visitor understands that he/she might have to wait due to this procedure and the time required for the approval. The last time the balance can be withdrawn at the site of the festival is 2018.08.20. 10:00 after which the card expires.

Visitors are asked to pay attention not to leave the withdrawal of the balance to the last moment.

The visitor acknowledges and agrees that his/her personal data be used by Festipay Zrt. (1135 Budapest, Reitter Ferenc u 46-48., Reg. no.: 01-10-048644, tax no.: 25405983-2-41), which operates the voucher system, in connection with the use of the voucher, in accordance with the provisions of Act CXII of 2011 on information self-determination and freedom of information, and other laws in effect concerning data protection. The data shall be stored following the event in compliance with the relevant laws, and then shall be deleted.

The data used cannot be linked to an individual, except in the case of registration, when the visitor voluntarily consents to the use of the data. In case of registration via mobile phone the data shall only be linked to a mobile phone number. In case of registration via Festipay application the data shall be linked to his/her email address and name.

The primary purpose of the use of the data is the registration of the voucher cards.

The visitor (with simultaneous inactivation of his/her card) may request the deletion of his/her personal data (i.e. withdraw the consent to the use of his/her personal data). The deletion can be requested from Festipay Zrt. by mail or e-mail. The visitor may – wholly or partially – withdraw his/her consent given earlier, without being required to state the reasons thereof, Festipay Zrt. following the receipt of the notification concerning the withdrawal, and the inactivation of the card shall forthwith provide for the termination of the data use, and shall irrevocably delete the visitor from its registry, and delete the personal data concerning the withdrawal, of which it notifies the requester.

Complaints can only be made if the card is also presented.

With the visitor accepting the present document, Emagic Live and the visitor agree that any claims arising out of the legal relationship specified herein may only be enforced within a lapse period of 6 months, in accordance with Article 6:22. § (3) of the Hungarian Civil Code.

No photo or video or any other visual recording shall be made of the top up points (either from the outside or the inside), or of the employees there. For such recordings the prior written consent of Festipay Zrt. is required. The above rules shall apply to all audio- or visual recordings of the employees at the re-charging points too.

Emagic Live is entitled to unilaterally modify this GTC, on the understanding that it shall simultaneously notify the visitors thereof.

IV. Guarantees and responsibilities


  1. The Organizer guarantees access and use of festival services to every participant that owns a valid ticket. In case of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances, the dates of the festival can be modified unilaterally by the Organizer.
  2. The Organizer reserves the right to change the music program hours. The Participant has no right to demand compensation for these changes.
  3. The Organizer reserves the right to not be responsible for damages that take place on festival grounds that are not on account of poor organization or neglect.
  4. The Organizer is not responsible for actions that occur outside of the festival area.


V. Sanctions


  1. The Organizer is entitled, effective immediate, to prohibit access to a Participant in the festival area, totally or partially, or to invite the Participant to leave the festival premises, in case of a regulation breach or a law currently in force in Romania.


VI. Major case


1.In case of war, riot, terrorist attacks, demonstrations, economic embargo, accident, fire, natural disaster, earthquake, flood, major short circuit, epidemics, official resolution, or any such occurrence beyond the reasonable control of the Organizer or Participant, neither party is obliged to respect the obligations of this Regulation.







15 - 18 August 2019 Teleki Estate / Gornești / Mureș / Transylvania