Feed Your Mind Platform addresses those who are always looking for inspiration and whose mind and imagination are working at maximum speed.

Feed Your Mind comes alive right during the festival and it translates into talks, debates, fire-side interviews and workshops which aim to feed and educate the minds of the festival goers. 


Subjects range from civil society issues to entrepreneurship, from mindfulness to inspiring personal stories, from boosting your skills to fostering others’,  in open-mic formats. Workshops, live demonstrations and Q&A sessions are also on the list, as well as open-air theatre and improv shows, stand-up comedy moments and morning coffee talks with the organizers.

Here  are a few of the speakers from Feed Your Mind 2018:

  • Armina Sîrbu – Trainer, entrepreneur and 2 time TEDx speaker

    In need of extra motivation or just a self-confidence boost? Armina Sîrbu is the perfect coach you need to meet. She has trained more than 15,000 people or so, so that’s basically a most fortunate encounter for Feed your Mind. She`ll turn her many hours of video gaming tips and professional experience into a learning context for the “young at heart” awakers.

  • Daiana Hotnog – Dietician and Nutritionist

    Feed Your Mind turns into Feed Your Body for a little while, with a spicy recipe by our young and enthusiastic nutritionist, Daiana Hotnog. Ever wondered what you are actually eating? No matter the answer, Daiana will incite your curiosity and suggest handpicked solutions only at AWAKE. We invite all you foodies out there to dive into a speech and workshop combo, made to upgrade your lifestyle. 

  • Dani Gigi Matei – Director, Impact Hub Bucharest

    Stories of personal and professional accomplishments against setbacks are always sources of inspiration we want to share. So meet Dani Gigi Matei, director of Impact Hub Bucharest, master of reinvention and courageous endeavors.

  • Bogdan Bocșe – Managing Partner, VisageCloud

    Most definitely there are passionate people out there for deep learning, big data and cloud solution architectures. Bogdan Bocse, Managing Partner of VisageCloud, a face recognition and computer vision company will share its know-how in the gorgeous surroundings of Teleki Estate and AWAKE. 
    Nature meets creative tech meets feed your mind people. 

  • Adela Chivărean – Restorer, Founder of The Wood Doctor

    When the word restorer popped out in Adela’s bio, some asked where is the link with feed your mind and its progressive content?!
    But restoration doesn’t mean old, but renewed authentic . Adela will definitely agree with us on this. She promised to share her experience with The Wood Doctor, as well as her current restoration inspos and ways to become a professional in the field.
    A 2 in 1 speech (workshop included), only at Feed Your Mind 2018!

  • Alexandru Agatinei, Social innovator/Siberia Ice Run

    We asked him what awakens him. He was swift to reply: a sum of experiences shared with other people and at crossroads moments in life. Such a simple answer from an interesting speaker with a complex journey. Alexandru went to university, but never attended BA exams. He got a job in a financial consultancy corporation but left to volunteer for elderly care NGOs and non-formal children education projects. He then switched to startups and crossed lake Baikal, as part of the very first Romanian crew doing this insane adventure, -30°C. His professional choices are marks of a curious and relentless personality. Which in the end are sources of inspiration for all of us.


Each morning, you will get the chance to have an up close conversation with the organizers, provide feedback, ask all the questions you always wanted to ask and make suggestions for next editions.

Coffee’s on us!












15 - 18 August 2019 Teleki Estate / Gornești / Mureș / Transylvania